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About Us

Our Origin Story

Origin Story is probably overstating it, but we started Iter Wills after realising that many of our friends with young families didn’t have a Will. They all had a good idea of what they wanted for their family in the event that they were to pass away, but hadn’t taken the necessary steps to ensure that their wishes would be carried out.

It’s understandable, and their reasons sounded… well… reasonable:

  • There’s barely time to organise breakfast, let alone estate planning.

  • It’s quite morbid to think about your own death and most people would rather avoid that as a frequent past-time.

  • If you’re living abroad or you don’t have a family solicitor, to whom do you turn for advice on preparing a Will?


These hurdles were holding our friends back from protecting their loved ones for the future.


We realised that we had the skills and experience to be able to help both our friends and others who were in a similar position.  So, we set up Iter Wills to help people prepare their Will in a simple, quick and stress-free manner.


Whether you’re a family, a couple, single, married, young, old or anything in between, we’d love to help you too.

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